Henselite Tiger Bowls

The Henselite Tiger Bowl is an excellent bowl for indoor and outdoors, the Tiger is a mid-biased bowl with a straight finish.

The Tiger II is a truly mid-biased model, that will suit the player looking for a multi purpose set of bowls.

The Henselite Tiger II has a gentle and predictable trajectory, it is the widest drawing of the 'narrow' biased bowls currently available. Highly suited to the back-end player who require a bowl that has a relatively strong finish to draw around short bowls in the head.

It is similar shape and the trajectory is similar to the Dreamline, however with the additional bias it provides a greater stability in adverse weather conditions.

One of the most popular bowls for use in the Indoors in the UK.

Henselite Tiger II the perfect mid-bias bowl - comfortable, predictable and stable.

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