Henselite Classic Bowl

Henselite Classic is the largest selling bowl in the world!With its traditional style of bias, this is a bowl that has stood the test of time and all conditions.

The Classic remains the choice of bowlers who play on all types of greens and need, above all, a consistent even draw.

The Henselite Classic bowl remains a popular choice of bowlers worldwide.

  • The Henselite Classic Bowl is an excellent wide drawing bowl for holding greens.with the famous so called 'Hockey Stick Bias'

...Classic II Series C - 'hockey stick' finish, narrow bias!

The Classic II is manufactured with a narrow bias and has less bias than the original 'Classic' bowl.

It still features the Henselite Classic distinctive finish but without the wider draw of the Henselite Original bowl.

Conversely, because it is truly a narrow biased bowl, the Classic II is well represented on the faster greens of Australia and New Zealand.

It also performs well on the faster indoor or carpet greens in the United Kingdom. It is regarded, at all levels, under all conditions, as the 'best performing' modern bowl.

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