Henselite Bowls

Looking to change bowls, then check out a set of Henselite Bowls.

Henselite ABT-EVO : A fairly tight running bowl, though not as tight as the Henselite Alpha but tighter than the Henselite Dreamline, it has a gentle and precise draw to get around bowls to the jack, but performs equally well with a running style of shot, very stable for all playing conditions, especially in high winds.
Henselite Alpha : With some precision engineering and a well advanced design, the Henselite Alpha bowl has a unique non-slip grip to provide you, the bowler with hand comfort. Comfort in the hand is a major factor in achieving consistent and hopefully successful performance time after time. 

It has a steady curved arc and a flat finish.

Henselite Classic : Henselite Classic is the largest selling bowl in the world!With its traditional style of bias, this is a bowl that has stood the test of time and all conditions. 

The Henselite Classic bowl remains the choice of bowlers who play on all types of greens and need, above all, a consistent even draw.

The Henselite Classic bowl remains a popular choice of bowlers worldwide.

Henselite Dreamline : Henselite Dreamline bowl is a bowl that satisfies the needs of all competitive bowlers. It is ideally suited to medium to fast free running greens and a flatter profile and narrower width. This provides the bowler with more comfort and control of the bowl. It has a constant elongated even curve, which unlike the Classic II does not have a distinctive hook finish.
Henselite Tiger and Tiger II : The Henselite Tiger Bowl is an excellent bowl for indoor and outdoors, the Tiger is a mid-biased bowl with a straight finish. 

The Tiger II is a truly mid-biased model, that will suit the player looking for a multi purpose set of bowls.The Henselite Tiger II has a gentle and predictable trajectory, it is the widest drawing of the 'narrow' biased bowls currently available.

One of the most popular bowls for use in the Indoors in the UK.

Draw Line Chart for Henselite Bowls

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